Highland Experimental Farm of National Taiwan University
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College of Bioresources and Agriculture, NTU

The College will play a leading role in promoting sustainable agricultural development in Taiwan and Asia.


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With her tremendous climatic, environmental, biological, and ecological diversities, and her unique location in subtropical highland, the Highland Experimental Farm of National Taiwan University (NTUHEF) welcomes students, faculties, and researchers from National Taiwan University and other institutes with providing experiment plots, facilities, and accommodation for teaching, practical training, and research on highland farming and ecosystem issues.

The Experimental Farm has also been operated and expected to be an example of sustainable highland farming in subtropical regions.



NTUHEF is located on Ren-Ai Township in Nantou County at Central Taiwan. The farm was initiated and named Wu-Shen Highland Farm in 1937 but no development plan was considered until a detailed investigation during 1952~1956 and a 5-year renovation completed in September1961. The farm became part of the Experiment Forest of NTU in 1966 but later reclaimed its independent status as the Highland Farm of the College of Agriculture of NTU in 1973 to support the need of teaching and practical training for students in the Department of Horticulture and to promote highland farming in Taiwan. Professor Kang, Yeou-Der from the Department of Horticulture was named the first Director of the Experiment Farm. With Professor Kang’s efforts the farm has grew and extended to meet the current need for teaching and research. In 2002, the Farm was settled with its current name.